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Ideally, you need a graduation in the domain of information technology with a good score ( at least 50%) in order to be eligible to apply.Additional costs may include court costs, appraiser’s fees, etc. Also, basic fees may be set by statute. In addition, if extraordinary services are performed, the attorney/executor can ask for additional fees.. Everyone locally told me to call a particular vet but when I started calling around to make my decision on which vet to choose, this particular vet may have been the best in the area but his customer service reps/front office workers could not give me specific information regarding costs of the office visit, tests to be run, and other questions I had. The person on the other end of the line kept having to ask someone the answer to my questions. The least she could have done to redeem my opinion would have been to hand the phone over to this person that had the answers I needed.Emergencies happen to the best of us. 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